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A key component of success is a thorough understanding of construction methods and products. Through industry involvement in the Tilt-Up Concrete Association as well as a role on American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) 551 Tilt-Up (ACI 551), Construction of Concrete Floors (ACI 302) and Design of Slabs on Grade (ACI 360) Committees, The Kopf Consulting Group has gained valuable knowledge with regards to industry standards as well as contractor practice and preference.


This understanding allows our team to take advantage of value engineering early in the design process. Building on this expertise and the preliminary pricing process, The Kopf Consulting Group creates a pricing document that can be easily translated into a complete working set of construction documents.


This process results in a compressed timeframe from project award to actual construction, as well as ensures the capture of job specific construction costs that are often neglected or overlooked. 

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