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Engineering is more than an exact applied science of rules to follow. Rather, it is a complicated integration of skill and resourcefulness. And, proficient engineering is a balanced combination of formula, knowledge and creativity


At The Kopf Consulting Group, we recognize the vital role that each of these factors plays in creating an overall building solution that is economy by design. For over two decades, members of The Kopf Consulting Group have successfully combined the science of engineering with the art of design, ensuring owners, architects, contractors and developers an efficient and economic product.


While many achieve economy by minimizing the quantities of materials used or performing value engineering after design is complete and the bids are received, The Kopf Consulting Group takes a more efficient approach. From initial feasibility studies and preliminary structural pricing to structural analysis and initial design services, The Kopf Consulting Group is committed to designing for simplicity and constructability – the true root of economy.


Each project is approached with the creation of a plan that makes the most of valuable economic and time resources, ensuring more accurate and specific project costing and a better final product. The result for architects is quicker drawing preparation and fewer questions from the field, while the contractor enjoys more complete drawings, less surprises and an improved bottom-line. And when time is money, accurate drawings result in faster construction, fewer mistakes and a better structure. 

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